biala ringwood respite programme


When we were offered the opportunity for Gemma to come to Biala, we were apprehensive to be leaving our precious little girl with ‘strangers’ at first.

Well, it wasn’t long before those strangers became almost like family! This group of the most beautiful people took the best care of her when she was with them. Her care was almost better than I was able to give, as I had a small toddler at home whereas at Biala, she was receiving one on one care all of the time. Biala was a space for Gemma to have some “down time” as her life is pretty busy with all of the therapies she has every week.

Because of this amazing respite program, I was able to spend some one on one time with my little boy as he was missing out on a lot with all of the appointments we had with Gemma. As he moved on to Kinder, I was then able to use this respite time for some much needed time to myself. I will never forget this amazing group of people who voluntarily dedicate their time to help parents who are in such need.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Jodi Lister (mum of Gemma)

Child Playing with Toy